Why We Follow the Kirkpatrick Model: Your Satisfaction Matters

Why do we send surveys after training?

We want to be better for you. We take your opinions and expertise seriously. We can’t grow into the certifying organization you need, without your help.

After attending an in-person training with us you will receive a series of emails to give us your feedback. These surveys are built using the Kirkpatrick Model

Kirkpatrick's four levels are designed as a sequence of ways to evaluate training programs. Many people in the learning and development world believe that as you proceed through each of the levels, the evaluation becomes more difficult and requires more time. The four levels of Kirkpatrick's evaluation model are as follows:

  1. Reaction - what participants thought and felt about the training (satisfaction; "smile sheets")
    • This is the first survey you receive after training. 
  2. Learning - the resulting increase in knowledge and/or skills, and change in attitudes.This evaluation occurs during the training in the form of either a knowledge demonstration or test.
    • This is in your Moodle Classroom Modules.
  3. Behavior - transfer of knowledge, skills, and/or attitudes from classroom to the job (change in job behavior due to training program).
    • This evaluation occurs 3–6 months post training while the trainee is performing the job. You will receive a second survey 6 months after your in-person training.
  4. Results - the final results that occurred because of attendance and participation in a training program (can be monetary, performance-based, etc.)
    • You will receive a survey 1 year after your training to ask how your business has grown. This is called Return on Investment or ROI.

We would love to know how we are doing as your Certifying Organization.


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