Doulas Make A Great Addition To Any Birthing Team

Historically, women have been surrounding women during childbirth since the beginning. This tribe mentality has become ingrained within the human genome and studies show that having an extensive support system by your side during labor and childbirth significantly improves the experience and decreases the chance of unwanted interventions. Unfortunately it is more difficult for families to have that system of support in the 21st century. Families are no longer living together or even near one another.

Enter the Doula.

A certified REAL Doula has successfully completed online prerequisites that prepare them for the extensive hands-on workshop. The material taught has been accredited by a non-biased team ensuring that the curriculum is equal to that of the ACHC. It also is an approved course that is required of midwifery schools. REAL Doulas are provided the education that provides the physiology of the laboring person as well as the postpartum body.

REAL Doulas learn how to navigate the "big day" in a way that makes sense. Knowing when to suggest certain methods of comfort based on the physiology of the labor at hand. Comfort measures like massage, affirmation, hair brushing and breathing techniques are paired with positions that not only provide relief from pain but encourage the Cardinal Movements of Labor.

My partner will be there, I don't need a doula.

Your partner is an expert on you. They know how you behave while in pain, they know how to make you smile, laugh and they know exactly how you prefer to be comforted. REAL Doulas are experts on birth. They know how each experience is different, they understand the mechanics and policies of local birthing locations, and they know what positions and comfort measures to take in accordance with your progressing labor.

Your REAL Doula supports your birthing team. Working cohesively with you, your partner, your provider and the birthing location staff to provide you with an experience that is empowering because you made decisions that your doula supports.

Your REAL Doula will provide nonjudgmental support throughout your professional relationship. Your REAL Doula will provide you with evidence based information and education based on your personal needs and desires.

When you are considering your roster of teammates, be sure to find a REAL Doula who can support your birthing and parenting philosophies. Your REAL Doula has compassion and education; that is a mix that benefits your birthing space.

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REAL Doula trains and certifies birth doulas, postpartum & newborn doulas and childbirth educators. You can search for one HERE. If you've ever considered becoming a doula, check out what they have to offer. Online courses are paired with hands-on workshops with accredited learning objectives providing you the tools to launch your career to new heights. #upupandaway #realdoula #beomeadoula