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With nearly 70 doula certification organizations available to the masses, REAL Doula knew they needed to provide something the others didn't. They had to fully understand their own target market; how to reach them, how to communicate with them, and how to include everyone. REAL Doula had to prove their business had the ability to deliver, and the best way to do that was by connecting with their audience.

A common theme in the realm of doula certification organizations, was membership. Doula membership is required annually and ranges anywhere from $25-$150. After much consideration, REAL Doula decided to NOT require a membership fee. After researching, membership fees are required for clubs, societies, mlm's, grocery chains and unions.

REAL Doula provides all the 'membership benefits' without the fees. 

The foundation of REAL Doula is built on providing cost effective career opportunities to people everywhere, in doing so, the public will become more knowledgeable about doulas, thus raising the percentage of people utilizing a doula for their birth. 

REAL Doula offers their students an online listing, access to a certification-only group, access to a large online doula community for support and business tips. People also receive monthly newsletters, swift access to leadership and a living manual. 


Since REAL Doula requires their students to successfully complete online prerequisite modules prior to attending in-person workshops, or as their cross-certification path, every REAL Doula student receives the online living manual. 

This manual undergoes quarterly updates with their accreditation board to ensure their students have the most current and up to date information regarding Maternal & Infant Health. This manual is available on a computer, tablet or smart phone, making it accessible to everyone, at any given time. When the updates are made, each person's manual will receive the new information and a notification that an update is available. 

Even if years have passed and you're a retired doula, you can open up your online manual and see all the updates that have been made since you left. This feature never expires and it goes back to REAL Doula's foundation; providing education that is true and accurate without opinion, blog, or bias. 

Providing this ongoing education along side their hands-on workshops without membership fees, opens doors to more people. Giving people the cost effective option to purchase their education modules separately, opens doors to more people. Providing all students with a living manual with a lifetime of updates, opens doors to more people. 

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REAL Doula trains and certifies birth doulas, postpartum & newborn doulas and childbirth educators. You can search for one HERE. If you've ever considered becoming a doula, check out what they have to offer. Online courses are paired with hands-on workshops with accredited learning objectives providing you the tools to launch your career to new heights. #upupandaway #realdoula #beomeadoula