Do I Need a Baby Nurse?

A Baby Nurse is a person who specifically cares for the newborn baby. A Baby Nurse is unfortunately a misnomer, as one does not hold nursing credentials and she is not a medical provider.

A Baby Nurse will care for your newborn so you can rest. She will often help with sleep schedules and partake in cleaning that is only associated with the newborn; newborn laundry, and cleaning bottles.

A Postpartum & Newborn Doula supports the entire family. They are trained to not only be specialists in baby care, but to be experts on all things related to the postpartum period.

A REAL Doula trained Postpartum & Newborn Doula has extensive knowledge in the physiology of the postpartum body, the varying parenting philosophies and how to support all of them. Parenting Philosophies are similar to the color spectrum. A wide range, and when mixed together they make something beautiful. Our doulas can also recognize signs and symptoms of common postpartum disorders and they have the means to recommend professional services for the following:

A Postpartum & Newborn Doula understands the importance of including your other children and family members. Teaching siblings how to be helpful, playing with them while you nurse your newborn, and including your partner in every aspect. They keep your home running smooth: surface-cleaning, laundry, meal prepping and even running errands.

Is there a price difference between a Baby Nurse and a Postpartum & Newborn Doula?

Pricing depends on location. However, most Baby Nurses charge as much as (or more than) a Certified Postpartum & Newborn Doula.

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