Doula Prerequi-What?

REAL Doula has prepared online learning modules for their doulas. These are prerequisites in order to attend the hands-on workshop. Completing these modules allows the registrants for the in-person training to be on the same page, educated with the same knowledge, with material that is accredited. These modules act as your REAL Doula Manual with a lifetime of updates, a REAL Doula will always have the latest information regarding Maternal and Infant Health at their fingertips; as this manual is available on desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Become a Birth Doula by completing the Labor Series modules:

  • Alternative Laboring Methods
  • Stages of Labor
  • Support Without Bias
  • Terminology

Become a Postpartum & Newborn Doula by completing the Postpartum Series modules:

  • Postpartum Disorders
  • Physiology of the Postpartum Parent
  • Supporting Parenting Philosophies
  • Understanding Your Role

Each module contains accredited information that has been reviewed and determined appropriate for doulas. REAL Doula believes that knowledge is never out of scope, so by learning the language, physiology, and methods of childbirth and the delivering body provides their doulas the confidence to achieve success. 

These modules are available on all electronic platforms, making your manual easily accessible. You do not have to wait for printing, or worry about buying a replacement book. Updates are made on a quarterly basis and are determined by A.C.O.G., W.H.O., and the A.A.P.. These modules will undergo updates forever, meaning even when you are retired you can open up the manual and see all the latest information regarding Maternal and Infant Health.

How do the prerequisites compare to other organization's "in-person" training?

Other organizations spend eight hours or more just reading material aloud. Take into account all the people talking and asking questions and now you've spent precious time (and money) to just listen for an entire day. These prerequisite modules are done on your time, when you feel inclined to work on them. Most people require about four hours to complete a series; considering all the distractions at an in-person boardroom, REAL Doula saves you four hours! Providing you the ability to buy each module separately, gives you financial freedom. Knowing you can work on them in the comfort of your own home, grocery line, waiting room, or while at soccer practice gives you the power to take control of your future. The learning objectives in each module have been reviewed and approved. These learning objectives are then discussed in activity-based stations during the one day hands-on training to complete the requirements to earn certification. The online learning modules and hands-on workshop courses contain material that is based on evidence and science.

Once a module has been purchased, you have 18 months to complete the series as well as the hands-on workshop. Certified REAL Doulas may attend and re-attend any associated-certification hands-on workshop FOR FREE. Certification is good for two years. You have the option to then purchase a re-certification module or attend REAL Doula's annual conferences. 

Those who wish to cross-train to become a certified REAL Doula, only have to complete the online modules associated with the certification they are seeking. They are then given the opportunity to attend the hands-on workshop associated with their certification FOR FREE. Certification for cross-training is available for:

If you've previously taken a hands-on workshop in any of these courses within the past five years, you qualify. 

If I cross-train as a Postpartum Doula, how do I upgrade to the Postpartum & Newborn Doula?

Simple. Attend the hands-on workshop! Each in-person workshop is priced at $350, but currently you can upgrade for only $150. (note: price is good only during the Low Introductory Offer timeline, act now!)

When adults have the ability to work and learn on their own time, they retain and make cognitive firing in their brains that store information into their long-term memory. Completing these online learning modules as prerequisites for the in-person hands-on workshop means people come to our classes prepared, ready to kick off their learning by participating in activities they can recall from their memory for a lifetime of education, so they can be the doula their clients expect; a REAL Doula.