Certified From The Start

Upon successful completion of the REAL Doula online learning modules and the intensive in-person workshops, you walk away as a certified doula.

Why? What about experience? What about those three births?

Here's the thing. Every pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum period are different. Sure, there are similarities - but just as each birthing person is unique as the child within them, so is their experience.

It is not conducive to your success to measure your potential (credentials) based on something that simply cannot be measured equally.

REAL Doula is unique in the way they provide online prerequisites to be taken, at your leisure, prior to attending an in-person workshop. These online learning modules prepare each student with facts and terminology. The online information is taught in this manner, so the in-person workshop can focus on the hands-on aspect of this job. The information presented is scientific and factual. We do not base our curriculum on anecdotal experiences or blogs. Our learning objectives have been accredited and we are being recognized by the United States Department of Education as a professional postsecondary education option; you can feel confident that upon course completion you will have earned those credentials.

There is a stigma associated with "new" doulas. Other organizations make it known they are "pre-certified" or the ever famous, "student doula" and "doula-in-training". People hear these phrases and link these doulas to low/free births.

REAL Doula is confident in their education that providing you with a certification as you begin your career as a doula, will lend to your future success. A REAL Doula shouldn't struggle with the stigma, because a REAL Doula is certified.

"But a doula needs experience!"

I'm certain every person in their field of expertise gets better at what they do as time goes on; that's when you discover your niche, not when you wait on credentials.

Sustainability is the hallmark of any entrepreneur. If you're a doula, you're an entrepreneur. You have fees associated with being your own boss. You must be responsible and file taxes, continue learning, and advertise in your community with materials and social events. As an entrepreneur, you are the only one who has a say in how you run your business.

Burnout in this industry is high, and that burnout is associated with running a business that lacks sustainability. However, once needs are met, doors can be opened. It is respectable to provide low/free birth support to parents in need. There are teen shelters and homeless facilities that could really utilize your skills and abundance of solid, factual education. As your certifying organization, we support and applaud the work you do. 

REAL Doula offers certification courses for Labor Doulas, Postpartum & Newborn Doulas and Small Business Professionals. You can also earn your REAL Doula certification by Cross-Training!

Who's ready to launch their doula career? We're here to support you! Contact us today.