4-Point Philosophy



R - The REAL Doula certifying organization encourages you to foster healthy relationships within your local birthing communities; they understand the importance of respected support. These valuable communications cultivate a resourceful pursuit in the kindred enthusiasm that ignites doulas everywhere.


E - The REAL Doula certifying organization has designed customized online learning modules; evidence shows that when adults are in control of their learning, they succeed. Their hands-on workshops are also tailored with you in mind. You have full control of what you need to learn in order to become a certified REAL Doula.



A - The REAL Doula certifying organization recognizes the necessity of impartial education. Each of their curricula is accredited by a neutral third party. These standards are in alignment with requirements that will meet state licensure. The newly certified doula is not accredited, the certifying body is.


L - The REAL Doula certifying organization will extend constant support to any person who partakes in the services provided. The loyalty will bridge through cultural barriers; enforcing language, and behaviors that are inclusive to all people. They anticipate that their unwavering support system will transcend through you unto your clientele.