A Tale of Two Cities

“And a beautiful world we live in, when it is possible, and when many other such things are possible, and not only possible, but done— done, see you!— under that sky there, every day.”
— Charles Dickens

Denise set sail on her doula journey in 2011. Like most, she wandered through the various training organizations until she claimed ProDoula. After completing her DONA training in San Francisco Denise was left unsure of how to proceed as a doula but mostly she lacked the perspective of owning her own business. Her hometown in northern California provided her another option, The Doula Alliance. Satisfied with the practical and business topics she achieved her certification as a Labor Doula, yet she longed for more. Something modern. Something different. Enter ProDoula. It began as an innocent request to join a couple of doula groups on Facebook and it grew into an obsession. She discovered her tribe.

In the summer of 2014 Denise, her husband and their three sons moved north to Issaquah, Washington an eastern suburb of Seattle. There she became a certified labor doula, certified postpartum doula and postpartum placenta specialist through ProDoula. She was inspired to open her own doula agency after attending ProDoula's Advanced Business Training held in Seattle. Three days later she launched Issaquah Doula, King County's premier doula agency. As the third ProDoula in the PNW, Denise became familiar with the established doula community and their backlash against this new certifying organization with business sense and modern ideas. Instead of blending in she chose to stand out. Her agency became the number one referred source by the local hospital despite their doula program. More ProDoulas joined the area and became part of her agency! Denise took her professionalism and determination and set her goals to become a ProDoula Trainer. 

September of 2015 Denise was invited to be a member of the esteemed Training and Development Team after submitting her letter of intent. In January she traveled to the training in New York and left as a certified labor doula trainer and certified postpartum doula trainer. 

A bigger dream was on the horizon.

In February Denise sold her agency. The definition describes a beacon to be a light of hope and inspiration, the city of Beacon provided just that. The Foreman Five traveled over two thousand miles and dropped anchor. As ProDoula's Executive Training Coordinator and one of their doula trainers, Denise is thrilled to provide doulas the many opportunities that becoming a professional doula has to offer.