Become a Doula

What do you require for certification?

  • Successful completion of the 4 online learning modules (prerequisites)
  • Attend a hands-on 8 hour workshop

How long does it take to become certified?

  • Each module takes approximately 60 minutes = 4 hours online
  • Hands-on workshop = 8 hours in person
  • Approximately 12 hours from start to certification

Why is your program so different? 

  • Zero membership fees. 
  • Recognized as a postsecondary education option; providing career opportunities.
  • Meets Midwifery School requirements for enrollment.
  • No required birth attendance. We believe every birth is different and it is not fair to you to qualify your credentials based on something that cannot be measured equally. 
  • Our curriculum is accredited. It has been reviewed and continues to be reviewed by a council of professionals ensuring the learning objectives in our modules and workshops are scientifically true, accurate and represented in a way that best serves our client.
  • The prerequisites prepare our students for the hands-on workshops. These (approximately) four hours per course of independent learning time cut back on the in-person training; leaving more time for hands-on activities. Our workshops do not include round-robin reading, or the readings of blogs or other non-factual material. 
  • Our students leave their workshop having earned their certification.
  • Our online learning system is your manual. It is a living document and is scheduled for quarterly updates based on Maternal & Infant studies. Updates made will be included in every users account; making your manual the most up to date 'workbook' available to doulas. 

What do i get?

  • Online resources through our learning system; webinars, student-forums, videos, etc.
  • Support via private Facebook group for certified doulas, daily encouragement and engagement via the Facebook group, Doula Fusion i.e.: Meme, Blog, YouTube, Twitter challenges.
  • Access to leadership via Facebook, email & phone.
  • Monthly newsletters.


  • Birth Doula Package (4 modules + workshop) = $500
  • Postpartum & Newborn Doula Package (4 modules + workshop) = $500
  • Cross-Certify = $250